Laminar Air Flow - With Hepa Filters

Planair Ceiling system / Laminar Flow :-
Planair constructed out of 2mm thick aluminium sheet of size as per OT
 having 6 Nos. of hepa filters. The hepa filters dust spot efficiency 99.99 down to 0.3 micron. Air diffuser made out of White Cloth or Stainless Steel 304 Grade .

Air Handling Unit - With Aluminium Ducts

Ducting will be done inside OT with Side Risers till Air Handling Unit in 22 Gauge Aluminium Sheet with insulation of XLPE Foams .

Air Handling Unit will be of double skin with DX type cooling coil & Condensing Unit 

Condensing Unit - AC

Condensing units are used to supply compressed refrigerant to a direct expansion coil in an air tunnel to condition the air. Conditioning involves cooling The air for optimal space comfort.